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How To Create The Ultimate Self-Care Regimen Without Luxury Vacations and Expensive Spa Days

This works even if you hate face masks, meditation, and yoga! Reinvigorate and reengerize your life -- drop your name and e-mail below to register for the webinar.

May 12, 2020
12:30pm Eastern Time

You'll learn:

  • How to recognize the signs of your body and evaluate if it's time for a detox
  • The leading health trends in the U.S. and how to start reversing them with lifestyle changes
  • A program to help reset and restart your body with a complete, clean, and simple system

About Your Host:

Nicole juggles life as a solo-mom to a toddler, online business coach to entrepreneurs, sales rep in corporate America, friend, sister, daughter, and more! While trying to keep her life in balance, she never made self-care a priority, which resulted in several axiety attacks, countless trips to the ER and a struggle with weight loss. Once Nicole put this self-care regimen in place, she began reclaiming control over her life, well-being, and health.

Nicole Lashae


Business Strategist to Entrepreneurs, Mom, and Self-Care Enthusiast

It's time to make self care your priority!

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